1. Prologue

1. Prologue


This text was written by an OB who has been with Company S for approx 30 years.

During his stay with S, he had a various experiences to manage

different kind of businesses and many chances to talk with top

management directly. As he felt his findings and experiences require

to share with S management to understand better about business

environment and changes of the industry as well as own technologies.

The Company S had a number of successes and failures but many of S

management will normally talk about their success stories, not enough


There have been many mistakes S made from its start-up stage and

the initial mistakes were known but following mistakes were somehow

hidden from surface.

This text may help S management as well as other companies’ management to think

before they take some actions and remember some of these mistakes happened.

Some of these are filed as Tweets by top management and the rest are filed as case studies.