10. Mr. Masahiko Morizono

10. Mr. Masahiko Morizono


He visited UK and told me that Sony to form a Broadcast related business.

He believes it will be succeed if we hire the right people to manage.

He does not rely on existing Commercial and Industrial management team.

He made me very clear that the current C&I management is excellent in dealing

with C&I customers but not good enough to deal with Broadcasters.

After this conversation, I was asked to take President, Mr. Kazuo Iwama to IBA

( Independent Broadcasting Authority) where we met Mr. Howard Steele.


After few months, Mr. Mr. Masahiko Morizono made announcement to form

Sony Broadcast headed by Mr. Howard Steele.

We, as Sony UK team have been provided any assistances they might be required.

and we think this was one of the happiest new business creation of Sony.