11. “S” Top Management

11. “S” Top Management


During R&D Innovation Project at early 1987, I was assigned as the

Project manager for this very sensible subject.


The most of senior management relating to R&D and the head of business unit were

helpful that they believe Sony must change R&D strategy.

So, we carried out individual interviews and take recommendations and ask

some of R&D management team to raise issues during the special Board meeting.


When we had a board meeting as to “How Sony R&D strategy should be” and any

suggestions to change from the current R&D Strategy if Sony has it.

The first 20 minutes or so, the top management told that “Are you criticizing top

management on R&D?” We do not think they understood the intention well enough

and if we continue it, we may fail from innovation of R&D.

However, we have continue to open dialog among audience (mostly board members)

t express this is “Innovation meeting” and much more open discussions were taking place.

Mr. Ohga changed his opinion and told the audience that we have this important discussion

and to generate more fruitful discussion, we should have drinks so that we have better

understanding of each other.


This was an excellent suggestion by Mr. N. Ohga and everyone of them had a

fruitful discussion and ended to take innovation of Sony R&D