2. Sony in the U.K. (1-continued) U-Matic Business

2. Sony in the U.K. (1-continued)


U-Matic Business

The initial U-Matic business was started in USA and the first customers are Ford Motor Company and IBM. My first work in the UK in 1973 was to demonstrate U-Matic system to these customers in Italy, Portugal, Greece, France etc. Since we had only two members,

we have to hand carry them as excess baggage in the air plane and renting a car to drive to their offices.

It was new equipment for these business users so we have to set it up and go through how to operate them etc.

Initial Market was for Tanker staff that they are so remote that they require to watch TV program in the vessel. A dealer in the UK had negotiated with Broadcasters that they can make copies and to distribute them to each vessel for viewing in the vessel.

This became a large volume business both U-Matic System and Cassette tape.

The second market was in home in Middle east countries where a high class people do watch English TV program.


Finally, UK became large U-Matic market whereby Bankers such as Barclays Bank and National Westminster Bank are very much interested in distributing top management messages to all of their employees.

At the same time, ITVA (International Television Association) in Europe had initiated to conduct Video related communication program and they asked Sony to provide the facility to train these people. We have informed them that Sony studio can be used for this purpose and it was a strong PR for Sony.

We had excellent relationship among these end users, our dealers, Sony UK and Sony Japan.