3. Mr. Norio Ohga -Continued-

3. Mr. Norio Ohga -Continued-


- When we visited Nimbus record in Wales for PCM mastering products, Sony and

Philips are competing each other and the top management of Nimbus is supportive to

Sony PCM recording system before the visit of Mr. Norio Ohga.

However, as soon as both are met at their office in Wales, there were very serious

discussions on how to make better sound recording and what is best recording at that

time, either PCM recording, Direct cutting on to Analog record, Super analog

master tape recording. It was artist’s discussions rather than Sony to sell PCM

recording system.

As the result of this conversation, the digital mastering system awarded by Philips!

I was very disappointed to the result of his visit!

However, after they have recorded in three parts, e.g., direct cutting to record, super master recording then make record, PCM recording then make record, three sets of record they have sent me over which I was enjoying them!