3. Sony in the U.K (2-continued) Viewdata Business

3. Sony in the U.K (2-continued)


Viewdata Business

This business was started as an extension of Videotex technology and we had an engineering team located at Bridgend color TV plant. And to work with very

closely with British Telecom.

This is a simple computer terminal with color display so that the impact to users are so significant to notice any key wording.

Since we are to market this system, we decided to set up an internal communication network with all of C&I (Commercial and Industrial) members to include their visiting schedule, marketing information such as current promotion, literature and PR, availability (stock) information etc over telephone lines.

The head of this project was hired from DEC engineer and set up VAX computer which

the system does not directly connected to Sony main frame computer but

the improvement the Viewdata system made was so large that we are able to manage what is going on in the market.


By applying this experience, we have managed to sell 1,000 terminals to Midland Bank and some of Hong Kong telecom customers.

At a later time, the head of IT in Sony Japan visited UK and claimed that the local company should not make any network. In fact, HQ management had No interest in this approach but because we are talked about it often they jumped in.

So, we said them that if you are ready, we are willing to transfer the system for you!