4. Mr. Norio Ohga --Continued—

4. Mr. Norio Ohga --Continued—


- During I was working R&D Marketing, I have to attend a number of R&D

Committee meetings.

The subject was a technology relating to printer whereby R&D team was trying to

Emphasis how important it is for Sony’s future products.

The engineers trying to make it clear the technology can be used in many other areas than

a standalone printer.

However, Mr. N. Ohga told the audience that is Sony entering Printing business?

I felt this was not right questions to ask at the meeting but he did not seem to care about

how those engineers will feel what he said.


- It was also during I was in R&D team, one of R&D planning submission was to create a

graphic board for home game devices. We understand at that time Mr. Norio Ohga does not

like to see it so we suggested an engineer to change it to for Workstations so that the

committee will be able to approve its plan.

In these cases, the impact of his “words” were much greater than he thinks and the researchers have tried to hide them or tried to stop making progresses.