4. Sony in the U.K (3-continued) Component Business

4. Sony in the U.K (3-continued)


Component Business

The Computer peripheral business has started in Japan and US and we saw the signs of rapidly moving this business in the UK market where a small startup computer manufacturers beginning to require a lot of component.

We have hired one engineer before Sony HQ has asked Sony UK to setup this component business and attacked newly formed PC company called “Apricot Computer “

Because of none of Sony personnel paid attention to small UK customer, we were able to obtain 3.5” floppy disc drive unit. ( I remember the first order was 5,000). We have informed Sony HQ on this and requested to ship it to UK customer which was a surprise for all of component management team in HQ.

This was indicated me that any new business should watch carefully in what is going on in the market place, what is looking for by customers and to act quickly to satisfy customers.