6-4) The Third Job

6-4) The Third Job


Finding out overall market in USA

* The market is moving very fast toward using application software with

O/S based on ATT’s System V.4

* Chipset is changing over to RISC chipset from CISC. Sony does not decide

which CPU is to adapt at this point of time.

* Very expensive cost of porting software to Sony NEWS and software vendors

are asking sky high porting expenses and workstations and engineers.

* The NEWS was somewhat 2-3 years behind from USA competitors in terms of

O/S, CPU, Design of workstation, and usable application software.

* The competitors such as Sun Microsystems has more number of building

where their engineers are working than total Sony workstation engineers.

* The universities such as Stanford, UC Barkley, Carnegie Mellon do not

want to have Sony workstation since they have so many donated workstations

from Sun, HP etc. The other reason they do not wish to have is that Sony

workstation has only Barkley standard (BSD)