6-6) The Fifth job

6-7) The Fifth job


It was rather difficult top meeting however, since the decision was taken, I had a discussion with Dr.T. Doi for what we should do in USA team to be able to support Japan team.

* Have agreed to expand engineering team to be able to port RISC chip set and

system V.4 Operating system. In this way, we can get the entire source codes

from AT&T. If this was done in Japan, it will be limited version of system V.4.

* The selection of RISC chipset was decided by HQ to use MIPS chipset.

* Sony Semi-conductor business unit has license agreement with MIPS

computer on their RISC chipset.

* USA team to continue to provide porting services for Japan market at HQ expenses.

* Continue to look for software company to invest to be able to team up as a partner to support business in Japan.

* Sales and Marketing functions will be closed.


My mission on Workstation business in USA is completed.