8. A Board member

8. A Board member


- I had an opportunity to have a dinner with this board member including Mr. Mrs. Akio Morita

and other management team in California.

While a various conversation we had over the diner, a board member talked about how

important to have management structure in place.

As I understood from my many of business books and my experiences, the management of

any business is up to an individual person’s capabilities.

The business will run by its management philosophy and style.

However, this board member had talked about this as his philosophy with a strong emphasis on

the organization structure should be in place, therefore No difference by managing any manager.

Any management should be able to perform well if the organization structures are in place.

I personally disagree with him. I thought I could not work for him as if he become President

since he has a highly motivation on organization structure rather than people to

manage the businesses.