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UK (Sony UK)

Mainly Business and Commercial use of Sony Products such as U-matic, Business systems(Dictating Machines, Word Processors), Viewdata terminal, Component products as well as the launch of Sony Betamax consumer video.
・ Marketing Administrator C&I Div.
・ Marketing Manager C&I Div.
・ Pan-European Coordinator, Sony Europe
・ Divisional General Manager C&I Div.
・ Director of the Board of Sony UK Limited


USA (Sony USA)

・ Company President Sony Microsystems Company, Sony America,
 UNIX based NEWS Workstation
・ Executive Vice President, Sony Transcom Inc. Sony USA,
  In-flight entertainment system for Airline Companies.
・ Senior Vice President, Sony Corp. of America and
・ Company President, Sony Personal Information Products Company
 Personal Communicator “MagicLink” with General Magic and AT&T


Japan (Sony HQ, Motorola, Baltimore Tech., Aspect Comm.)

・ Department General Manager R&D Marketing,
  as the business Incubation and R&D innovation project.
・ Department General Manager Product and Business Strategy
・ VideoCom Product Div., Telecommunication related products
・ Senior General Manager, Personal Information Products Group, Sony Corporation,
 PC, Palm-top computer, Note PC OEM (Dell)
・ Vice President and General Manager Paging Products Div. Motorola Japan Limited,
 Pager (Pocket Bell) and Infrastructure
・ Vice President and General Manager Personal Communications Div. Motorola Japan Limited,
  Digital Cellular phone
・ Managing Director of the board of Motorola Japan Limited
・ Executive Vice President, Baltimore Technologies Japan Limited, PKI based security software.
・ President and Representative Director, Aspect Communications Japan Limited,
  Call Center Hardware and Software
・ Vice President Aspect Communications ASIA Pacific
・ Country Manager (Director) CSG Japan Limited, Billing software
・ Representative Marketgate Inc.


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