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Worked in conjunction with Evasive Motorsports as part of the technical support staff, driver’s coach, translator, and suspension setup specialist.
My chief responsibilities included working within the team to optimize our team’s performance as a whole. This includes as is not limited to working with other vendors to adjust the suspension setup to optimize our potential of winning.

Racing requires an analytical mind. You must be clear and be able to make fast decisions trackside in order to adapt to the changing conditions of the race track.

Driving coach is not so much of a skill. I attempt to motivate people to find the best method of driving in attack mode. The driver must know when to use more throttle, when to slow down in order to gain more speed. It seems counter-intuitive but you must first be able to go fast slowly, in order to be able to go into “maximum” attack mode.

Evasive Motorsports blog:

We have successfully campaigned winning multiple trophies at A modified car racing series.

Technical translation services for


Work Experiences

Car-Fidelity in Torrance, CA *apprentice installer and part time sales*
AMS Car Stereo in Santa Clara, CA *sales/management*
Motorsports 1 in Redwood City, CA *Suspension and Brake technician*
Autosports One in Daly City, CA *general tech*
Precision Car Stereo in Mountain View, CA *technician*
McHugh Lincoln Mercury in Los Gatos, CA *sales*
Stevens Creek Auto Imports in San Jose, CA *sales*
Clear Armor Inc. in Mountain View, CA *sales/technician


■ Evasive Motorsports staff


I started in the “High-end” 12volt industry in 1992 at the age of 16 as an apprentice.
I learned basic wire running fundamentals, and how to match equipment together to get the type of sound the customer was after. I went on to learn enclosure design, fabrication of dashboards, fiberglass kick panels for better time alignment. In short, I learned how the trade worked.

I watched the industry go through its peak, and eventual take-over by mass merchandisers. Meanwhile the OEM was bringing better factory stereos to the playing field and watched the market diminish even more.

I moved onto other retail jobs selling and installing aftermarket suspension systems, brakes, and even ventured into engine building along with chassis reinforcement.
Realizing that my true passion lies in building something, adjusting and fine tuning, I started helping EVASIVE MOTORSPORTS with their racing projects.

As with everything, it is not the sum-total of the parts installed, or fabricated that makes for a winning car. It is the attention to detail that has brought us success.

My proudest moment of what I consider success lies with the work I have performed with EVASIVE MOTORSPORTS as a suspension setup technician, drivers coach, and team building when the shop was first venturing into a more professional racing capacity. Fortunately they no longer need any help in regards to having a winning mentality. They have successfully brought on a staff that can meet all expectations

Through my work with EVASIVE MOTORSPORTS, I have come to understand the basic concepts behind aero-dynamics as applied to a racing car and have dealings with vendors in both Japanese and English to achieve the highest possible potential.

We work very closely with VOLTEX JPN for our aerodynamics, and with TEIN USA for our suspension. Both of these vendors do what we ask them to do rather than tell us what to do. Our results are a result of having good people working with us.