I have been looking what is difference now days compared to one or two decades ago.

1.    Individual person’s ethics:

Many enterprise had a several issues such as undisclosed financial information, data manipulation in Police station at Chiba, test data manipulation  in Mitsubishi motor corporation, Tokyo Power company’s Nuclear power plant accidents in Fukushima by saying not yet meltdown but actually it was meltdown, etc, etc.

Why these things happened recent 10 years or so?

I feel it is caused by an individual persons’ ethics of which then created a group or corporation issues due to high pressure from a top of an organization. It is each person’s mind of understanding about what will come next if I do this. Is it educational issues within recent Japan’s educational policy or is it weakness of individual philosophy, or something else.


2.    Leadership:

While I was working a corporation in two decades ago or so, there is a strong leader identify the way e have to pursue and people believed the leader to focus its direction and obtaining the result. However, I do not see this is happening now days. Why?

I felt many organization s are trying to get together people and get a consensus of ideas and opinions which is a traditional Japanese way of carrying out business. This method has got a lot of merits but also has demerits as well. If the world is moving slowly, then this would be OK but the current world is moving very fast and changing customer requirements as well. So the way conduct business and people to work together will have to be changed to meet current customer and market requirements.


3.    Government

I feel something wrong in the government such as “ my number” card issues. There is NO immediate benefit with the card and so much administration costs incurred. The government says it can use an identification card but it contains a lot of personal information so who would like to use it as an identification card.

If the objective is to control tax charges for everyone in Japan, then the government should say so rather than trying to cover the real objectives.

It is also become very clear that the current government insist a lot of their own philosophy with other organizations because they have a monopoly situation. I feel this is becoming very similar to the Germany before the second world war when Hitler became the top of Germany. I feel some dangerous sign of similar policy in Japan.


4.    Population

The recent major issue is  decrease of population in rural area, which is becoming real serious issues in increasing public service costs such as water services.


5.    Financial in Japan

Japan has so much debts by issuing so called “Kokusai”, a national loan, which is almost 8.3 million yen (74,000US$) per person in Japan.