World Transformation:




USA President Election


I would like to express my thoughts on recent President election in the USA.


Why the estimated nominee has been failed by large media society such as broadcasters and major newspaper publishers?


1.     Mistake made by major publishers


Almost all of US major newspapers and Japanese major newspapers have been expecting that candidate Clinton will win. It is also many commentators in Japan except Mr. Taro Kimura, are estimating that candidate Clint will have firm position than candidate Trump. Why candidate Trump has win due to the fact that those major newspaper companies have not been predicted?




1)     It is basically major media companies dislike candidate Trump and because of this reason, candidate Clinton is leading few points over Candidate Trump. It is also recognized that a huge amount of money have been spent by the candidate Clinton which is over ten times more than candidate Trump has had


2)    The second reason is number of appearances of TV screen. The candidate Clinton has been spending a lot in promoting herself and aggressive negative campaign.


However candidate Trump has learned a lot from his business experiences that PR is much better way than advertisement so that he has been publically speaking intentional rant, and therefore many major media have been reporting this so many times so that his name and his face becoming norm for most of TV watchers.


3)    His slogan is to retaining stronger USA so that many people have lost their jobs due to the free trade agreement in the North America have strongly expected him to win.


4)    The candidate Trump has never had any experiences in the Politics who may retain real strong  USA  back again with high expectation by  among those people lost jobs.


5)    As for illegal immigrants, the previous presidents were not taken the important actions so that there has not been successful of stopping illegal immigrants. As the result, many us people have been lost their jobs. To make breakthrough the current situation, candidate Trump welcomed with large expectation of making changes.




There are  much more reasons why candidate Trump win but almost all of major media have been neglecting opinions and comments made through Internet. It is always my belief that major media is not informing us the truth, it is always somehow biased and its biased organization or people make their intention to these media so that the media will only inform us as news. It is becoming clear through this president election! Thus The opinions among top x% may reflect more than majority people.  This kind of trend is also appearing in Japanese media as well. So we, as a general citizens will not be fooled by news articles and reports and will have more attentions to these major media.


The during UK referendum  as for staying in EC or not, one of my friend who is a board director in an investment company asked me whether or not the UK will remain in EC, my answer to this is that the UK referendum will not stay in EC so my friend was very surprised this.  For the background of its stay out EC, there was a  lot of working class people has been unhappy with EC, financial related people felt that freedom cannot be maintained if The UK continue to staying in EC, many immigrants have been in to UK from other EC countries and this resulted the many workers have been lost jobs,


And the recent trend of so many immigrants from middle-east countries will have a mandatory order by the EC will then resulted to lose more jobs.


So people’s anxiety has become top issue so many people voted to leave EC.


I believe USA will make a huge transformation leaded by president Trump. As a result of this transformation many businesses will be activating with a small concern about protectionism, many industry competitiveness will increase as well as GDP is expanding.


Then how Japanese will cope with this US transformation? It is my opinion that there is No solution to continue to extend the current line, all of current situation should be looked through global view point. For the development of Japanese market, it will be a large minus if Japanese government will make a heavy import duty as similar to protection of trade and Japanese industry people and corporation will be remaining for the future.


All of People, Industry, Politics, administration will have to be global thinking whether or not we want, it will raise competitiveness if we will make deliberation and decision based on global thinking. Any other parties, people, people and corporation have different opinion, people and corporation have entire opposite opinion will have to be listened, and if we find other people/corporation’s way of thinking is correct, then it should be executed and it hope to be balanced managing corporation/people.


As the result of President nominee, Japanese politicians would like to maintain US-Japan relationship very much same as before, It is my opinion that the US- Japan relationship will be changed unfortunately. It is expected that it will have entirely new relationship, for example,


Same are will be equal each other, some area will have competitors relationship, some are might be cooperation, etc.


I am looking forward to seeing these changes in the future and it is very exciting for the coming four years!.